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Role Play
Fantasy roleplays
Future and sci-fi based roleplays.
Horror roleplays
Modern and real life based roleplays.
Hi basicly this is where you put your role plays. You can freely make your own role play (as long as it isnt rediculous)
The Academy
The tutorial roleplay for beginners.
Well this is the story making forum. If you want to write your own story for others to read, rate or help you with then you can post them all here. It can be short or long stories. I will also allow you to put random stories, make them as random and as creative as you want :) maybe others could join in? Oh and dont forget story games. Basicly you can post and introduction to a story and someone will post the next part of it, continuing the story.
Rolaplay discussion
Roleplay Discussion
Discussing roleplay's and new idea's
Well here you can make characters and have them rated. I could even make a sticky for list of characters and ratings... but we'll see all that in due time.
General Chat
Ultimate Spam board
okay guys here it is... Put ANY topics on here. MUWAHAHAHAH SPAM CENTRAL! Well, mainly the spam form RP's and general chatness area.
For graphic work / pictures. (sig's, avatar's etc)
Gamer's discussion board
Discuss the games you play, future games to be released and recomend games. (including MMORPG's and console games)
Painting & Drawing
For your own artwork or your fave drawings.
Random Pictures
eeer... for your random pictures?
General Entertainment discussion
Random Videos
Post your random videos
School, University and Education
As the forum name says, this forum is about school, college and other forms of education. Here you can discuss anything about your previous school life, your current school life, college, university, and education in gerneral.
word games
word games... blantently obvious if you dont get it, look up word and game in the dictionory. You know what dont bother because if you dont know 'word games' then you wouldnt know what a dictionary was.
Courses and Subjects
Discuss courses and different subjects that you may be taking with others. Exchange opinions ideas and advice.
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